I don’t remember the exact date but quickly after I had a great year growing flowers in my front yard I knew I wanted to expand my cut flower production. I’m sure there are many, many people who started gardens in 2020 due to being home “all the time”.

So I started clearing out old grass, donated our trampoline to a friend, and making plans. In the fall I marked off flower beds and put down weed barrier for paths. I covered each bed with shredded leaves from our maple tree and waited until it was time to turn the soil.

During the fall and spring, I started buying seeds from Floret to prepare for seed starting. The thrill of a launch day to buy seeds in a mad dash furry was so much fun. I think I got everything I wanted and more. So with my starting seed stash, I started buying seed trays, racks, lighting, soil, heating pads, etc.

With so many projects I do a bit of research and the rest just leap. I could have analyzed each and every step of the process but I think gardening is more trial and error. Fingers crossed I have enough flowers to share with the same walkers from last year.